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Organizational Profile of Bangladesh Ansar & VDP

Bangladesh Ansar & Village Defence Party (VDP) is the largest government organization of Bangladesh comprising of regular forces and volunteers. It had been inherited from the Home Guards of British era and could successfully make remarkable contribution in achieving independence of Bangladesh in 1971.  Currently, there are three components of the organization; namely 1) Ansar Bahini/General Ansar, 2) Battalion Ansar and 3) Village Defence Party (VDP).


The Ansar Bahini was raised on 12th February 1948. Battalion Ansar was raised on 30th September 1976 under the authority provided by the Ansar Act of 1948. VDP was raised on 5th January 1976 with the independent identity. Later on, all these forces were grouped together and renamed as its current-combined form as the Bangladesh Ansar & VDP.

Currently, Ansar Bahini (members are termed as General Ansar), Battalion Ansar and VDP are governed by three different Acts enacted in 1995. It may be mentioned here that Ansar Bahini and Battalion Ansars are disciplined forces. The total strength of Bangladesh Ansar & VDP is about six millions. It is the only force of Bangladesh which has two female Battalions also. Members of this force are deployed all over the country with the role of assisting other disciplined forces and law enforcing agencies of Bangladesh in fulfilling respective mission.


Having been embodied to ensure safety & security of various government and non-government Key Point Installations (KPIs) including office complex, airports, business centers, industrial establishments, power plants etc, General Ansars are termed as Embodied Ansars. Its current strength is more than 41,000 across the country. VDP is well organized in all the villages of the country with a male platoon and female platoon.


The prime training center is the Bangladesh Ansar & VDP Academy which has all the faculties as well as supporting components along with qualified manpower for conducting systematic training on safety & security, technical-vocational subjects  and physical aspects including games & sports. Bangladesh Ansar-VDP functions under the Ministry of Home Affairs, being commanded by its Director General (DG) from the organizational Headquarters at Khilgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mandate of Bangladesh Ansar & Village Defence Party given by law are:

  • To work in aid to the Government or any authority under the Government in matters/works related to human security or any other works related to security.
  • To take part in any work related to public welfare for attaining socio-eco development of the country.
  • To augment Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, BGB and Police.
  • To participate in disaster preparedness/mitigation.
  • To extend service in matters/works related to maintenance of law and order situation and up keeping human security.
  • To perform any other duty, from time to time, as directed by Government.

Ansar and VDP is a large organization consisting of about 6 million members, off which at least 80% are youth. The existing training facilities of Ansar & VDP possess the capacity to train about 5000 security workers and 2000 skilled/semi-skilled workers per year for overseas employment. It has a very high potential to export women workers in different trades too. The strength of our Endeavour are honesty, sincerity and hard-working capacity. Moreover, we are flexible to all strength and also we are capable of customizing out skill development training to meet global demands for any of the trades.

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