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Key Point Installation (KPI) Branch

Key Point Installation (KPI) Branch is the most important and first digital branch of Operation which is related to the all sorts of welfare and disciplinary activities of Embodiment Ansar and Special Ansar. Embodiment Ansar armed or unarmed Guards are finally approved by the DG ansar through KPI branch. All the information regarding embodiment ansars’ are preserved and managed with the Ansar Management Information System(AMIS)software.

Citizen Services for the Stake Holders of Operation KPI Branch

  • How to become an embodiment Ansar:
    1. To become an embodiment ansar, he/she has to be enrolled for the “সাধারণ আনসার মৌলিক প্রশিক্ষণ” ‍ at the concerned district. After completing the training successfully, he/she will be auto paneled at AMIS software & will get the smart card for identification.
    2. System Generated Embodiment Offer message will be sent to the SMART CARD bearing ansar member’s nominated cell phone number.
    3. He/she has to reply the offer message to get the job within 24 hours with the text like Ans yes to 6969 from your nominated mobile/cell phone number. Write the above mentioned bold letter text as your message as usual. Otherwise AMIS Software system will not accept your message. Hence you will be treated as “Not Interested” to get the job.
    4. If you are not interested to get the job please reply like Ans no to 6969
    5. After sending the Ans yes message to 6969 successfully within due time, Please wait until you will get the joining message. You won’t get any joining message from the system if you have made any mistake.
    6. Getting the joining message, Act according to the message instructions.
    7. Above all enjoy your job now.
  • How to check your embodiment job status:
    1. To know the current status of your job, please send message to 6969 by typing Capital S & your smart card number with a single space in between them. For example: ‘S 210000203’ and send the text to 6969 number.
    2. Your Status is Rest/You are not verified/You are Not Interested/Paneled/Offered/Embodied etc. will be replied at your return SMS.
  • How to get additional information regarding the matter:
    1. Please contract to 01760888888 cell number at our ‘সেবা কেন্দ্র’ about any queries regarding the matter from 9.00 am to 17.00 pm except holidays.
  • How to get the approval of armed/unarmed Ansar Guard:
    1. To get armed/unarmed ansar guard, The desired organization should collect the prescribed form(অংগী-১) from concerned Zone/District. After completing the form(অংগী-১), please submit it to the concern District/Zone Commandant for HQ’s approval with the following required documents:

– Valid Ownership Documents

– Latest Tax Payable Documents

-Copy of RS & SA Ledger with Owner’s Name

-Government Certificate for proving Owner’s Name, Permanent & Temporary Address

-Trade License for Trading Company

-Scratch Map for the land or the desired guard.

-A written Charter Of Duties for the embodied ansar

-RAJUK approval letter for construction business

b Desired organization should also apply for any administrative help to the concern District/Zone Commandant for HQ’s approval about Armed/ Unarmed ansar guard Approval/ Withdrawn and Increase/ Decrease of Armed/Unarmed ansar guard’s duration, strength, arms & ammunition etc.


Village Defense Party (VDP)/TOWN Defense Party (TDP)


Basic Training: Village Based Unarmed Trg (Male & Female). District Based Armed Trg- Male/female Basic Training Union leader -Male &


Sadharon (Normal) Ansars


Bangladesh Ansar and VDP Academy is the largest training institution of the country. The history of this institute dates back


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